Filling the gap for experiential, high quality streetwear, targeting Shanghai tourists and expats.

Encapsulating Shanghai’s vibrancy.

Travellers are faced with a vast array of products and garments in the Shanghai market, but few are of the quality that will stand the memorabilia test. Lanehouse Apparel was envisioned to commemorate a Shanghai adventure.

Lanehouse sought to encapsulate the ambiance, inspiration and aspiration of Shanghai. The intention was to capture the architectural fusion and mood of Shanghai. Lanehouse Apparel was to be about place, and the enduring memories that a place evokes.

Keeping it local.

Lanehouse created a limited range of exclusive seasonal designs that aligned with the brand’s two main collections:

» The Hai’Life collection embraced the dynamic, fast-paced, heart stopping chaos of Shanghai.

» The French Concession Shanghai (FCS) collection drew on the architecture, design and history of the former French Concession (Xuhui District).

These lines were sold via an online store and at local designer markets. The brand actively marketed via WeChat, Facebook and Instagram channels, and published a daily online magazine The Hai’Life.

What we did.

Strategy & Positioning
 Creative & Art Direction
 Project Management