One of the major trends in brand marketing over the last few years has been the growing use of video to tell stories. Video has become one of the most powerful and popular storytelling platforms. Video is an impactful way to rise above all the advertising noise, engage with an audience, showcase a product, generate a call to action, and leave a lasting impression.

In an age when anyone can produce an online video, professional video producers are using storytelling techniques to uncover stories to enable consumers to connect with a brand on a innate level – no more so than in the export space. Video storytelling is being effectively leveraged to authenticate and differentiate brands, and elucidate provenance and cultivate trust, with country of origin at its heart.

Country of origin is often integral to the brand story, with particular resonance where a country is a leader in a product category, such dairy, wine, or seafood. Country brands are often aided in their marketing effort, to build preference, by government-funded agencies, via toolkits and images libraries, such as New Zealand Story and  Australia Unlimited, to support brand creative and reduce production costs.

Country of Origin Story

There is a reciprocal interdependence between country image and brand image, and in many markets there is a strong correlation between country brand and purchase choice. Engaging consumers in your country of origin story helps to anchor a brand’s esteem in the marketplace which can give a competitive advantage. A country of origin brand story:

  • Communicates provenance and credence attributes
  • Reinforces traceability
  • Cultivates trust
  • Assures quality and integrity
  • Creates an allure
  • Builds brand affinity
  • Demonstrates innovation

Video storytelling can communicate the story of a nation aligned to a brand’s authenticity in a creative, succinct and memorable way.

The Swanndri Baby Blanket Story

Swanndri, an iconic New Zealand brand, introduced its Thermalweave woollen baby blanket into the China market via a video story.

The Swanndri baby blanket is created from the finest of New Zealand spun yarn, using a specialist spinning technique to produce a wool yarn that feels softer and less prickly. This blanket is engineered to be safer for babies, with an open knitted structure allowing airflow to pass through to regulate heat.

The Chinese consumer has a preference for natural products from a sustainable source for babies, and imported high-end wool products that meet the highest standards in terms of safety and comfort are highly valued.

Rare scripted and produced a 3 minute video, with Chinese subtitles, to present the heritage and authenticity of the Swanndri brand, and origins of wool fibre, in New Zealand’s pristine environment. The video utilised stock footage of New Zealand and rural scenery, and captured film of sheep grazing and babies lolling in the Swanndri blanket. Stills from the video were later utilised in brand collateral.

Jan Bierman

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