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“I build brands with creative kick and strategic vision. Brands that rise above the bland and the blah — and that people get truly fired up about.”

Sarah Louise Kinsella

Creative Director

Sarah’s creative career spans over 15 years, having completed her International Baccalaureate Visual Arts diploma in London before continuing creative studies at Central Saint Martins and Sydney College of the Arts. Her expertise sits at the intersection of brand identity and communication strategy, with applied focus on user entertainment, experience, and perception of brands. This has evolved from her knowledge in graphic design and photography, which cultivated her understanding of digital design, user experience, art direction, creative direction, and the importance of creative writing.

Harnessing the core of brands, she injects them with tailored creative solutions to grow with the business. Her work encompasses both verbal and visual identity systems with an impacting influence on the overall direction of a brand — the who, the what, and, more importantly, the why.

Directing and designing the creation of all brand elements, Sarah delivers her clients with likeable, impactful, and tangible brand guidelines. Specialising in brand positioning and direction, she still enjoys getting her creative sleeves rolled up.