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Cultural Science

Uncover shifting cultural nuances and use them to your advantage. Gain insight into the untapped potential of your target market by unlocking insights through cultural and semiotic analysis. By scoping and analysing communications across brands, advertising, packaging, social media, celebrities, products, TV, technology, apps, and more, we uncover subconscious nuances that deliver usable insights. Understand the context in which your brand operates so that it can more meaningfully connect with consumers. This process cuts through the chaos of a crowded category or helps to find unforged pathways in how to say what you mean.
  • What can culture teach me about my category or theme?
  • What emerging cultural trends should we be aware of to stay ahead of the competition?
  • What cultural nuances should we consider when designing packaging, advertising, or social media campaigns?
  • What are the subconscious meanings and associations attached to our brand’s visual identity, language, and icons?
  • Are there any untapped cultural themes or narratives that we can align our brand with to differentiate ourselves in the market?
  • Can you inspire marketing communications or R&D?
  • Can you decode competitor communications to understand areas of improvement?
  • Cultural Analysis Report
  • Dominant and Emergent Codes
  • Brand Implications