Visioning a New Saudi Arabia

Visioning a New Saudi Arabia
Unveiling Potential

Embarking on a transformative journey across Saudi Arabia, we delved into the captivating regions of Al Madinah and Makkah. Through meticulous qualitative and quantitative research, we harnessed a wealth of insights to shape future-focussed regional visions and strategic priorities for the respective Development Authorities.

Scope of Work
  • Brand Diagnostic
  • Focus Group & Workshop Facilitation
  • Regional Strategy
  • Visioning & Design Thinking
  • Placemaking
Challenge & Insights

Exploring Possibilities, Embracing Heritage

Immersing ourselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Al Madinah and Makkah, we embarked on a comprehensive research expedition. Our inclusive focus groups assembled representatives from diverse sectors, including business, tourism, trade, women’s empowerment, and NGOs. By capturing the prevailing sentiment, understanding potential challenges, and embracing future aspirations, we uncovered the true essence of these regions’ historical significance. These profound insights became the compass guiding our journey towards redefining their trajectories.

Visioning a New Saudi Arabia

Crafting Visionary Roadmaps for Progress

Armed with a deep understanding of the regions’ unique characteristics, we assisted in the development of visionary roadmaps for growth and progress. Our strategic workshops provided an inclusive platform for co-creation with key stakeholders to identify key themes and strategic objectives. Through dynamic brainstorming sessions and collaborative ideation, we shaped comprehensive plans that encompassed mission and vision statements, effective positioning strategies, and compelling value propositions.

The strategic vision extended beyond the surface, considering the wider infrastructure and organisational structure needed to bring these regional visions to life. Through meticulously crafted strategic roadmaps, we helped to unveil a future brimming with opportunity for the Al Madinah and Makkah regions.