Cultivating Delicious Demand in a Commodity Market

Cultivating Delicious Demand in a Commodity Market
A Citrus Experience

In the competitive world of fruit, where consumers often perceive little difference between products and brands, capturing attention and driving demand can be a daunting task. However, by leveraging a unique brand strategy and infusing it with a vibrant personality, a new variety of mandarins managed to break free from the commodity market and establish themselves as a sensational and irresistible choice.

Scope of Work
Challenge & Insights

Differentiating in a Commodity Market

Traditionally, fruit is viewed as a commodity, leaving little room for differentiation. To overcome this challenge, our client recognised the need to communicate the exceptional qualities of their mandarins, including their impeccable taste and sustainable production processes.

This new mandarins varietal seized a unique position in the citrus market by arriving later in the season when other oranges and mandarins were hard to peel and filled with pesky seeds. This distinctive characteristic became the cornerstone of their brand identity, allowing them to stand out and capture consumers’ attention.

Cultivating Delicious Demand in a Commodity Market

A Summertime Delight: From Citrus Commodity to Sensational and Sought-after

To appeal to both consumers and buyers, the brand strategy focused on celebrating nature, goodness-on-the-go, and convenience. This overarching theme was brought to life through the creation of excitable mandarin characters that exuded positivity, zest for life, and an irresistible charm. By infusing the brand with an enduring personality, we were able to create a strong emotional connection with the product’s target audience.

The brand voice was carefully crafted to effectively communicate the juicy benefits and freshness of the product. A consistent messaging approach highlighted the wholesome nature of the mandarins, positioning them as a guilt-free and healthy snack for individuals of all ages. This messaging was integrated into various brand communications channels, including advertising campaigns, social media content, and website copy.

Recognising the importance of eye-catching packaging and strategic placement, the mandarin brand underwent a visual transformation. The packaging design featured the lively mandarin characters, capturing attention and communicating the brand’s energetic personality. Additionally, point-of-sale displays were strategically positioned to create an immersive experience for consumers, encouraging them to engage with the product and associate it with positive emotions.

Through the implementation of their innovative brand strategy, the mandarin brand successfully differentiated themselves in the commodity market. The brand witnessed a significant increase in demand, with consumers readily embracing the mandarins as a delectable and convenient snack option. The positive reception translated into improved sales, enhanced brand recognition, and a loyal customer base.